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How do you know your car has reached end of the road

How do you know your car has reached end of the road
How do you know your car has reached end of the road

Saying farewell is a sweet sadness, unless you’re saying goodbye to a cherished vehicle. Cars will play on the feelings, being a part of our life, always seen as a trustworthy family member who will always be ready and able to get you where you need to go. The thought of actually admitting that your car is past its prime is… rough.
Nevertheless, it is something that even the most committed of car owners would have to go through at some stage. Although cars can be preserved and operated for over 40- 50 years, all cars have a point at which they are just no longer a viable option for your daily ride– they’re not durable or powerful enough.

If you not sure that its time to scrap your car, we will give you some signs

  • The maintenance bills just keep adding up.
    Fixes are an unavoidable part of vehicle owning, but there comes a time where you fall over the wrong side of the fulcrum and the repairs become too intense to bear. It may be enticing to continue putting money into an aging vehicle in order to keep it running, but the financial consequences are just too great.
    If you genuinely enjoy your vehicle and want to keep it on the track, the occasional significant maintenance bill is manageable; but, if you’re facing a near-constant drip of defects, it might be time to say farewell.
  • The vulnerabilities are diverse.
    If your car has a recurring problem with a certain section of the car, it’s understandable– it’s obviously a problem with that part alone, and the rest of the vehicle is perfect. If you don’t mind the cost of removing and tinkering with the one component, this is a viable option.
    However, if the car’s problems are scattered an engine control light here, a parking brake malfunction there — it’s a warning that the whole system is starting to creak under the weight of time. You can continue to make bit-part substitutes to try to stop the flood of problems, but the problem is essentially terminal, and you’d be smart to start planning your farewell.
  • You’ve lost all of your strength.
    Cars lose horsepower throughout period, so there comes a point where a car loses so much horsepower that it’s practically difficult to drive and if the horsepower is lost, it’s incredibly costly to try to get it back.
    If your car feels underpowered, you should get the BHP checked on a rolling path to assess how serious the problem has been.

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